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Features And Benefits

  • Fully Owned & Managed Optic Fiber Network
  • GIGABYTE Network for maximum bandwidth delivery
  • VPN Connectivity (All branch offices can be inter-connected on one network)
  • Wireless & Wi-Fi Hotspot solutions
  • Unlimited Download Speeds upto 100 Mbps
  • High speed seamless streaming & downloads
  • Support of data-voice-video transfer services
  • Support of VoIP services from Spearhead Live.
  • Graphical Reports for the Internet connectivity provided – to make the         services completely accountable


  • Skilled resources
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager for personalized service
  • An excellent 24x7 Customer Support Service with world class CRM software         with a Great TEAM

Customer Benefits & Value Additions

  • Tie ups with various Clubs, Spas', Restaurants, Malls etc for special offers & discounts to our customers on various products & services
  • Premium services to our customers

Whats New
At Spearhead Live, we believe in the parlance that "It is not the end that matters, but its the means". Thus, we specialize in providing high quality 'deliverable' services which uses fraction of your valued time.
We have always dedicated our resources in not only continuously upgrading our existing services (with the ever-changing environment) but at the same time keeping a smart-eye on the latest technological events.